Vlite is a Windows Vista Setup manipulation tool that aids you making it lighter
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Windows Vista is, probably, the heaviest client operating system in the market . Without the possibility of removing features within its instalation Windows Vista can become the reason of your Nightmares, but here comes Vlite to rescue us.
Vlite 1.2 allows you to create unnattended Windows Vista installations, remove everything you might not want in your Windows Vista Setup Disc and It also lets you do the opposite, integrate drivers, updates, language pack or service packs in the setup easy!
Once this process has been completed, we can also create an unnattended installation and burn it in a DVD or a few CDs.
It also warrantee that Windows registries and libraries wont be modified, a strong point taking in consideration that similar applications corrupt those files often and we dont even get notified about it.
Vlite works really fine, I tested it and the only major issue I had wasn't related with it directly, unfortunately it depends on Microsoft Windows Automatic Installation Kit, a 1.3gb file that includes some tools to interpret and work with Vista Imaging technology, what a surprise!
Its final Version 1.2 includes a lot of improvements that you might not find inmediately because are internal tweaks and bugfixes you might not even know!

If you want to install a lighter version of Vista, I would recommend you to create your own rather than download those editions found in the internet that might actually decrease Vista Security measure or include malicious software.

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  • Finally you can include your serial data driver to your windows vista dvd
  • User Friendly Step by Step Wizard


  • Requires WAIK, a 1.3 gibytes file from Microsoft
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